How do parents protect their children against social networks?

Wyatt Skiles 03:28 14-02-2022

How do parents protect their children against social networks?


Experts do not deny the benefits of social networks, such as helping young people connect with friends and relatives or promoting businesses. However, without timely parental control, the use of social networks can cause teenagers to have a decline in academic achievement or more seriously, at risk of being entangled in labor.

Sheriff Nate King in Talequah County, USA, shared that: "Parents need to take action to ensure their children stay awake and safe when using social media. I do not share as a person. police but as a father. I know what social media my kids use when they're under 18."

Research data from Pew Research Center on 750 young people aged 13 to 27 shows that 45% are always online and 97% use social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Data from the Newport Institute (USA) has shown that although most parents are confident in knowing what their children do on social media, the reality is that 70% of teenagers tend to hide their posts on social media. network with parents.

"Social networks are now full of dangers, especially for young children. The problem with social networks like TikTok or Snapchat is that people of all ages use them without fear of the consequences. Users of these platforms all think they are protected by the layer of the phone screen, not facing someone in real life," police chief Nate King shared.

Jeremiah Hames, 19, shares that he is using Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. He spends most of his time promoting skateboarding on Instagram.

"There are many people following me surfing on Instagram, so I use this app the most. Snapchat is also a good platform for people to contact each other without knowing each other's phone numbers. More and more people are using it. Snapchat to communicate and make friends," Hames said.

King Police also advises parents to log into their children's social media accounts.

"Every child can make mistakes, but not children who make mistakes will become bad children. Parents should trust their children and should also check their children's social networks. Parents can use some applications to monitor their children, such as Life 360. This is an application with a location sharing feature that helps parents identify where their children are at any time.

Using Life 360 ​​will help parents know where their children are or if they are exceeding the allowed traffic speed. If so, parents will receive a notification."

At the same time, he also advises parents to limit phone time.

"We are already too dependent on our phones. Parents should limit the time using the phone and spend more time with the family," King shared.

In addition, this police officer also advises that parents should notify the authorities if they detect any criminal behavior.

"If someone tempts your child to commit a crime or send you an anonymous letter, immediately report it to the authorities to be dealt with," he concluded.