UK higher education providers hosted 605,130 international students in the 2020/21 academic year, hitting its 600,000 target a decade earlier than hoped, figures from Higher Education Statistics Agency have indicated...

International students are the key to the future of British science

Posted by: Bernice Swaniawski | 4 days ago

Britain is one of just five countries in the world to have developed a WHO-approved vaccine against COVID-19, a triumph that would not have been possible without the countless hours contributed to the project by international students...

A new report published today by a dedicated international working group of the UK Student Futures Commission has identified the priorities of international students in improving their student experience beyond COVID-19...

Study Group CEO Emma Lancaster has warmly welcomed the news that New Zealand has announced plans that gradually open up its borders and welcome international students...

WASHINGTON: Long term exposure to ambient air pollution mayheighten the risk of Covid-19 infection, suggests recent research. The findings were published in the journal 'Occupational and Environmental Medicine'.

A private school in New York is a gathering place of rich children - those with wealthy parents who are willing to spend a lot of money to beautify their transcripts and help their children get into top universities.

The school closures in spring 2020 had a negative effect on the health and well-being of many young people.

Through these 3 places, children will see people from all walks of life, what the difference is between less educated and more educated people.

How to behave when your child gets a bad grade?

Posted by: Dylan Ortiz | 1 day ago

You should lower your expectations, encourage your child to try his best to be better than his past selves, instead of comparing himself to his classmates.

Japanese children suffer first, happy later

Posted by: Prof. Kathleen Jones | 6 days ago

While most preschool children in other countries go to school just to have fun, children in Japan have had to learn how to survive.